Starting up your practice or looking to increase your patient base? Credentialing is the link between your practice and its revenue.
Save time and money with our physician credentialing service
Credentialing is complicated and takes many hours, even several days, of your time to complete accurately. We have the experience to get you credentialed with the correct insurance payers quickly, accurately, and inexpensively.

Stop losing patients because you don't take their insurance.

Provider credentialing is vital today, because more people in the United States have health insurance than ever before. And it’s a necessity because people today demand that their healthcare providers accept their insurance. In other words, if you’re not in network with a potential patient’s health insurance plan, you’re at risk of losing that potential patient to a competing practice.

Starting a practice?
Don't know what to do?

The insurance credentialing process is critical to getting your practice off to a good start and ensuring positive cash flow early. While it can be time consuming, an early start will give you the chance to complete the process and identify problems early. We can help you expedite this process and get you off on the right foot.

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