Increase collections and reduce the cost of operating your practice while we take over the driver's seat. This way, you can focus on your patients, while we focus on your practice.

Why use CloudMedix's RCM service?

CloudMedix’s revenue cycle management service is the gold standard in the world of medical billing. We take on the heavy lifting around managing your practice’s revenue generating engine, leaving you at ease to focus on what you love to do best, taking care of your patients. Our service, led by a team of experts, enables your practice to bill more effectively, maximize profitability, and significantly reduce administrative costs.


Billing Experts

Transform your practice into a high-performing financial engine. Our team of billing experts will increase results and accountability.

Revenue Tracking

Our line of specialized Revenue Cycle Management tools gives us the edge to track down every penny of your revenue.

Claim Scrubbing

Submit claims with accuracy and precision as they are processed through our claim scrubbing engine's rules database.


Gain effective resource allocation and increased productivity knowledge with our easy-to-generate reports that reflect the financial health of your organization.

Unlimited Support

When you have questions, we have answers, and at no extra cost. Our team of support technicians are here to ensure that your needs are given the highest priority and fastest turn-around time.

Ahead of the industry

We stake our reputation on staying ahead of the game. Our team of experts pride themselves on remaining on the cutting-edge of the medical industry and where it's headed.

Customer service is not a department, but an attitude.

At CloudMedix, we understand that excellent customer service does not simply come from friendly transactions, but the result of truly understanding our customer’s expectations and far exceeding them.

Results you can trust.

As those entrusted with the financial well-being of your practice, we adhere to rigorous standards in applying experience, expertise, time-proven techniques, and precision to ensure that as our customer, you’re satisfied with our accurate and timely results.

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